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Emotion Code

 Published Book Review by Pauline Jones

The Emotion Code  by Dr. Bradley Nelson .

Why do people get ill? Why are they unhappy? Why do some people with obvious potential fail to achieve? According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, trapped emotions are a major factor. In this well written, entertaining book he illustrates this with heart warming story after story from individuals whose lives have benefited from using “The Emotion Code”. 

Dr. Bradley’s explains that everything is made up of energy, that energy vibrates, that it should flow but can get trapped. Each emotion has a particular energy frequency. Emotions are an integral part of the life experience. The problem arises if you suppress an emotion and it gets trapped within an area of your body. The trapped emotion then continues to vibrate at a frequency which causes a distortion of the energy field in that area. Over time this dis-ease often leads to pain and illness.

Happily, the Emotion Code provides step by step instructions on how to identify and release the energy of each trapped emotion using only kinesiology muscle response testing and a fridge magnet. This book provides the clearest instructions I have ever come across on how to muscle test another person - and joy - 5 different ways to muscle test yourself.

A  very moving part of the book is the section dealing with “The Heart Wall”. This defensive layer(s) of trapped emotions is generated in traumatic situations. It can create depression, block the ability to give and receive love and to achieve success. The change in individuals’ whole outlook and ability to enjoy life can be dramatic when the Heart Wall is cleared using the same simple process.

I greatly enjoyed reading this book and experienced significant success in using “The Emotion Code” for myself and with clients.

Website:  TheEmotionCode.com



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