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Exploring Energy Healing
My Energy Healing Training Path



Reconnective Healing is both simple and powerful, accessing a full spectrum of healing frequencies.  It finally activated my ability to sense energy fields and flow - my original goal when I started to explore energy healing at the turn of the millenium.  I have experienced some wonderful healings in the process and been much encouraged by feedback from clients.   

I commend Eric Pearl and The Reconnection team for the quality of the longer training programme introduced in 2014.    The extra time and practise sessions give the new student more confidence and understanding making it easier to simply be with the process - something which I only acquired months after my initial training by receiving more Reconnective Healing sessions for myself (with the lovely Jana Weldon) and by coming to understand the principles of mindfullness and of simply allowing.  Simplicity and just being present are not the easiest thing to teach in this world of busy-ness and complexity.  

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®  2001 and 2009

Associated with Ascended Master Kwan Yin, this is a very gentle energy.  This was my first experience of non-touch healing and distance healing.  It's for those on the Ascension path, and perhaps a bit too mystical for me at present, though I love the energy and also the "Music for Magnified Healing" by Richard Shulman.   

WEBSITE:   www.magnifiedhealing.com



Healing with the Angels of the Energy Field.  I found the atunements and the Master retreats really powerful and uplifting.  But giving sessions when I still had no sense of energy flow seemed like hard work.   I continue to partake in the Earth Angels project - sharing distant healing with those who request it on the IET website. 

WEBSITE: www.learniet.com

QUANTUM TOUCH® 1993-1998

I am inspired by the philosophy "All healing is self healing", which blends very well with the
Ho'oponopono principles.  The Quantum Touch approach "Find the pain" and "follow the pain" - until it leaves the body makes it accessible to all.  QT teaches how to keep your own energy level high and to stay grounded, while inviting the client's energy field to resonate at the higher level sothat healing can happen.  I successfully integrated the approach with my kinesiology practise, but don't generally use it as a stand-alone therapy.  


® 1999

The first time I came to understand that it might be possible for me to heal with energy (as distinct from accepting that other people could do it) was during Kinergetics training in 1999 with Philip Rafferty. Kinergetics blends kinesiology and energy healing, replacing the more physical massage type corrections with focused energy.

The course included clearing of any blocks the practitioner may have to the flow of natural healing energy that each of us is born with.  However, while muscle response indicated the energy was indeed flowing and the client showed improvement, I could not actually see or feel the energy field or energy flow.  So Kinergetics launched me on an exploration of different energy healing modalities because I needed way of sensing that something was actually happening.  



Years before I came to kinesiology and other energy healings, I was lucky to have the opportunity of attending several seminars with Robert St. John who created Metamorphosis.  I also attended the monthly share sessions with Myra Quigley.  While this is a touch therapy, it is non-directive.

"The Metamorphosis practitioner does not directly cause anything, but with detached attention lightly touches spinal reflex points on the feet, hands and head.  This draws the attention of the person's Inner Life Source to any "blocks in time" which are reflected in those points.  The Inner Life Source may then choose to release the blocks." EAD MORE

Exploring Energy Healing
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