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We Are Responsible -
but it’s not our fault!

When you have a problem where does it come from?

When someone is doing something you don’t like what part of you has attracted that experience in to your life?

What happens before you have a thought, any thought?
According to Joe Vitale’ and “Zero Limits” co-author Dr. lhaleakala Hew Len we have only two ways in which we live our lives. 

  • Replaying old memories of our own, or those we share with others, in our subconscious, as if these memories are life’s realities


  •   living in inspiration which is allowing “the Divine” or “God” or “Yahweh” (or whatever your concept of a higher power is) to take full control of our lives.
This concept is simple in its explanation but not so easy to implement.

When we live our lives through inspiration we are aligned with all that is good and life becomes easy for us. When we look outside ourselves for the answers to our problems, fears, illnesses and attitudes our lives just don’t seem to work so well. Most of us live by default and experience inspiration on occasion but mostly experience the replaying of all those old memories.

“Zero Limits” teaches and explains the practice of Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian healing practice, which allows us to “clean” away the old memories and open ourselves to a state of zero where “God”  can inspire us. I have been practicing and it seems pretty easy to get the basics so here they are: 
  • Take complete responsibility for the fact that EVERY experience that comes in to your life is there because you created it. 
  • Repeat the following 4 affirmations over and over until you feel better: 
I Love You

Please forgive me

I'm sorry

Thank You

This is known as cleaning.  Do it whenever you are thinking.  Less thinking, more cleaning.


 I do this: -  

  • Whenever I feel stuck. 

  • Whenever I find my attention has moved from my client. 

  • Whenever I notice the energy is not flowing.

  • When waiting for the bus or in a queue. 

  • When I am annoyed with someone
  • On my way to meet someone - especially if I feel any anxiety
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