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Robert St. John discovered that the Spinal Reflex points on the feet, hands and head, already known in Reflexology, also correspond with the psychological and physical influences during the pre-natal period from conception to birth.  Releasing disharmonies in the spine also releases disharmonies from the prenatal period.

The Metamorphosis practitioner does not directly cause anything, but with detached attention lightly touches spinal reflex points on the feet, hands and head.  This draws the attention of the person's Inner Life Source to any "blocks in time" which are reflected in those points.  The Inner Life Source may then choose to release the blocks. 

Releasing the blocks leads to changes in the attitude of mind.  The change in the attitude of mind is the premise on which Metamorphosis is based, for it is through our thoughts that we view and experience life.  As we change our attitude, we can let go of physical, emotional, mental and behavioural disharmonies within our life experience.

Changes are generally subtle, unfolding over time.  Sometimes we don't realise it until it is reflected back to us by family or friends.

Working along the side of the foot from the big toe to the heel on bare feet activates our "going" centre, related to moving about and interacting in this world, is the core of the work and needs time to integrate.  Sessions should be at least a week apart. 

Work on the hands and head relate to "doing" and  "thinking" respectively and can be applied by the person for themselves daily if they wish.   


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