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Kinesiology Modalities
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Kinesiology Modalities

 uses muscle response testing to communicate with the mind/body at the sub-conscious level to get information about the underlying cause of an issue and allow the body choose the supporting remedy or therapy it needs to restore balance.

I have studied several branches of Kinesiology since 1996, and I am still learning.  It has opened my mind to the level of integration that exists, or should exist, between all levels of our being, physical and non-physical.  

With Kinesiology at its most basic, a strong/locked muscle is the body's way of agreeing with input such as a statement.  A weak or unlocked muscle indicates confusion or disagreement.   So if a person says "I feel great" and the muscle unlocks, then we know there is some work to be done, that the conscious and unconsious minds are in conflict.

There are many uses of this feedback tool and many branches of kinesiology with different areas of focus depending on the preference of the practitoner.

Kinesiology Association of Ireland Website:  www.kai.ie 

Integrated Healing Kinesiology is an holograpic approach where any one area represents the whole being.  It utilises the energy of the chakra system to provide deep and lasting change. The client actively participates throughout the session, both verbally and through kinesiology muscle response testing.  This is the principal kinesiology approach that I work with. 

WEBSITE: www.integratedhealing.co.uk

Touch for Health Kinesiology - Probably the best introduction to kinesiology in the world.  A whole-body approach: - structural, emotional, physiological, meridian energetics, developing an amazing understanding of how every aspect of a person is inter-connected with other aspects on every level.  The International Kinesiology College has the full list of currently registered Touch For Health Instructors world-wide and many Irish instructors post their courses in the "Find a Class" section of their website.

WEBSITE: www.ikc-info.org

Podo-Rhacidian Holistic Realignment
 from Phytobiophysics uses kinesiology to identify energy blocks along the spine and cranial nerves.  By releasing these blocks, the body's communication pathways become clear, balance and flexibility is restored.  At the start of my training, one of my legs was shorter than the other; during a practise session it came into balance and I lost my limp. Great!  READ MORE

WEBSITE:  www.phytob.com 

is a wonderful blend of Kinesiology and Energy work.  

With other Kinesiologies, there are many remedies and therapeutic interventions.  With KINERGETICS there is only one: - Healing Energy focused and directed to an area of the physical body or auric field selected by muscle response testing.


KINERGETICS training includes a number of protocols to lead to the ideal point of healing.  It works a lot with finding the underlying emotion which is blocking the energy flow. An important protocol, taught in the first module relates to the body's ability to process water and maintain appropriate Hydration.  


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