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Holistic Realignment


When Dame Diana Mossop noticed that some clients did not respond as expected to the Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas she searched for a reason and a remedy.  

She came to realise that blocks in the energy and communications pathways along the spine and also within the cranial bones and nerves can have a surprisingly varied effect on  the body and the person as a whole.  The benefits of nutrition and remedies may be reduced, structure may be affected, the person may ill or simply be "out of sorts".   

She developed Cranial and Vertebral Holistic Realignment which she called Podo Rhacidian - meaning Foot Spine.  It goes way beyond her initial purpose.  Holistic realignment uses kinesiology muscle response testing to identify areas of blockage along the spine and cranium.  Then toes and fingers are manipulated to release these blocks.  The response is instant as the musculature and spine resets itself.  Frequently a person notices immediate relief from pain and stiffness.  Consistently they will find themselves gaining more benefit from other remedies or healing therapies afterwards.

It may surprise you to know that many people have one leg is shorter than the other.  This can be caused by muscles being tighter and therefore shorter on one side.  I remain amazed at how the legs are restored to being the same length, often in just one session.  And remain that way.  I thought I had stepped into a hole when I stood up after receiving my first treatment, but my left leg actually lengthened and both legs are now the same length.

This process as developed by Dame Diana Mossop is taught by Anthony Mossop (

Before starting as  session, I ensure that the client is supported energetically, emotionally and physiologically with energy balancing techniques and the use of Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas.

After working on the cranial and spinal reflexes, I also use kinesiology to check for any blockage in sinuses and tonsils and clear them in the same way.

After treatment, clients are delighted to discover that stiffness and pain have disappeared and that they feel "more like themselves".  One even discarded her orthotics.  Frequently clients find themselves responding well to flower formulas and homeopathic remedies which did not work for them before.

After a session, it is important to drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins released from the blocked areas. 

A session lasts around 50 minutes and follow up sessions at 1, 3 and 6 months are ideal to integrate the changes.  A client may benefit from the support of one or more Phytobiophysics flower formulas to support the integration of the correction.  These are available by mail order.  


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Holistic Realignment
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