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"All Healing is about getting us back in touch with ourselves".  Anthony Mossop, Phytobiophysics



Hi.  I'm Pauline Jones and over the years I have explored manavenues to healing and wholeness which I am delighted to share.  

Reconnecting Your Healing Power

We are bathed in an abundance of Universal Healing Frequencies but are we able to connect with them? My goal is to help you to come into harmony with those healing frequencies which will reconnect you with your ideal state of being.  I don't try to control the energy and I don't need to know what you seek.  

I simply connect with you and with the abundance of the universe and allow the healing to flow.  Your inner wisdom will tune in and resonate with whatever healing frequencies you need and direct it as best for you in the moment.connective Healing

Distant Healing 

At the finest level of being, we have an innate connection with each other, not limited by time or space.  This allows for healing to flow instantaneously regardless of how physically close or distant we are.

Integrated Healing Kinesiologyther

Kinesiology uses muscle response monitoring (muscle testing) as a communication tool with the subconscious mind to explore the underlying energy, structural and emotional issues related to a specific problem.  We then use it to find the ideal healing support tools to clear blocks, especially emotional ones and to achieve goals. The healing support may include focused energy healing, colours, sounds, flower remedies, and recommendations about nutritional adjusments or other therapies.  

Integrated Healing is my preferred kinesiology modality - indeed it revolutionised my practise of kinesiology.

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